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Bethann Morris

I have been in the commercial real estate business for many years now and the only locksmith I trust to secure my properties is Lock & Safe Solutions Toronto. They are always there when I need them and never fail to deliver on the top level service I have come to know and trust. Thanks so much guys for always making the locksmith side of my business and the easiest to handle!

Nancy Nightendale

I was recently the victim of a burglary when I saw my home ransacked by the thieves I was so scared and upset I did not know how to start moving forward and rebuilding. I called Lock & Safe Solutions Toronto and they sent a technician right out to my home and he went right to work, he installed all new locks on every door and even gave me a quote to install CCTV cameras so I could feel as secure as possible in my home. I am so thankful for the help I got from Lock & Safe Solutions they really did go above and beyond to ensure I was safe and secure!

Garry Tessdeling

Lost my car keys the other day after a Leaf’s game, I was in a panic since I had work the next day and could not stay in the city. I called Lock and Safe Solutions Toronto and they had a guy actually stationed in the parking lot. He came right over and made the key I needed to get back in my car and on my way home after a devastating loss from my leaf’s. Thanks guys for turning an awful evening into a pleasant experience.

Paul Hopkins

I locked my keys in my car the other day at a interview for a new job, after I came out of the interview which did not go all that well I noticed I did not have my keys I had to go back into the office and search around like a fool with no luck at all. The receptionist handed me the card for Lock and Safe Solutions Toronto and they sent a guy right out he unlocked my car and imagine that the keys were inside on the floor. It was an awful day but then I got the job so thanks guys!

Renee Hunne

I rent the apartment below me and after a major issue with the tenant I needed to evict him, I called the authorities and they directed me to Lock and Safe Solutions in Toronto. I scheduled an emergency appointment and the technician arrived in 45 minutes from my call and changed all the locks right there on the spot I was actually able to sleep at ease that night. Thank you so much I even scheduled an appointment to have them change the locks at my apartment too.

Barry Nicholson

After I retired I decided it was time to start living so I bought a Harley and started riding weekly with a few friends, the other day I went to fire up my bike and I broke the key in the ignition. I had no idea what to do a friend recommend that I call Lock and Safe Solutions Toronto. And I am glad I did, they sent a guy right out who replaced the ignition on my bike and provided me with a new key right there on the spot. I didn’t even miss my weekly ride. Thank You So Much!